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5 Foods and Drinks That Will Soothe a Sore Throat

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If you’ve woken up with a sore throat, be it from a long-term condition, a recently obtained cold, or even just from sleeping in a room with excessive air conditioning, you will be on the lookout for food and drinks to perk you up and soothe that dry sensation in your throat.

The five foods and drinks listed below all have substantially beneficial attributes when it comes to dry or sore throats and many of them are also packed with nutrients and other natural benefits.

  1. Honey

Perhaps the most obvious food to make a beeline for when you’ve woken up with a sore throat is honey. Honey is used as medication thanks to its wide range of benefits which include anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties.

From a pure texture point of view, honey is perfect for sore throats. Soft but thick and runny, it coats and soothes tickly or rough throats when eaten by the spoon, while two spoons of liquid honey dissolved in warm water form an instantly healing beverage. Honey should not be given to very young children, but for anybody over the age of one, honey is the go-to throat soother.

  1. Hot Cordial or Squash

Although not as popular in the States as it is in other parts of the world, cordial can still be found in some convenience stores across the country. Also known as squash or diluting juice, cordial is a concentrated fruit syrup that can be mixed with water to make a refreshing cold drink. However, what some people might not realize is that, when mixed with hot water, it can be a great throat-soother. This is quite a thin drink texturally, so adding SimplyThick gel would be beneficial for those who have difficulty swallowing as it will turn the water element into a more viscous liquid suited to those with dysphagia.

  1. Chicken Soup

Even if you don’t have time to knock up a chicken soup from scratch, a simple can of chicken broth is the comforting and easy-to-eat solution to your sore throat.

The warm and rich nature of chicken soup gives it a soothing quality, while the salty stock that forms its base is a good cleansing agent for any infected or inflamed areas. Full of nutrients to keep you feeling strong despite your ailments, always have a can in the pantry.

  1. Ginger

The exhaustive list of ginger’s health benefits requires a whole article of its own but, put simply, this spicy root fights germs, calms stomachs, and reduces swelling. It is no wonder, then, that ginger’s popularity is soaring both globally and in the United States, when it not only soothes throats with its slightly spicy burn and intense flavor but also helps with arthritis and indigestion.

  1. Jell-O

Finally, the easiest food of all to get down when your throat is sore and you’re having trouble swallowing.

Jell-O is nice and cool, having a calming effect on your tongue and throat and requires almost no chewing or effort swallowing. Do bear in mind, however, that Jell-O has a very high sugar content and few other nutritional benefits, so try not to eat it all day long.

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