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6 Major Benefits Of Displaying Facebook Reviews On Websites

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Known as one of the most interactive social media platforms, Facebook has garnered immense attention from its users worldwide. With millions of daily active users, Facebook has made its place into being one of the most highly used and favourite social media platforms of the masses.

The platform is being used for various purposes, including taking inspiration, shopping ideas, and of course- checking out reviews!

Reading reviews has become a trend amongst shoppers and plays a crucial part in their decision-making process. Reviews can highly influence customers on whether or not to buy a product or take up a service.

What Are The Benefits Of Displaying Facebook Reviews On Websites?

With such a vast audience, Facebook too came up with a feature known as Facebook Reviews to help its users find the right product for themselves.

If you are a business/brand and have positive reviews on your Facebook page, you can easily use and maximize your profits by displaying Facebook reviews on the website.

Mentioned below are the main benefits of embedding Facebook reviews on websites.

#1 Increased User Engagement

Reviews are the most genuine form of content created by users themselves. It is truly authentic since they have tried and tested out your product and then gave valuable feedback about your brand.

Displaying your Facebook reviews on websites will increase the stay time of your visitors on your website. Since they see genuine content apart from the branded content, they feel the need to explore your website more and increase their dwell time on your website.

#2 Trust & Authenticity

When you display your Facebook reviews on websites, you build a solid social presence about your brand, and your customers start putting in more faith and feel more confident about your brand.

Surveys suggest that about 80% of people look for reviews before making a purchase. A theory behind shopping states people always trust another customer more than they trust the brand itself.

Once they read positive reviews about the brand, they are compelled to check more about the brand and purchase.

#3 Build A Strong Relationship With Your Customers

Displaying Facebook reviews on websites is a great way to build a solid relationship with your customers. By embedding your reviews, you show your customers that you care about what they feel and are open to taking feedback about what they have experienced with the brand.

Your customer will start seeing your brand differently and start being open about their concerns, which will allow you to look into the areas that need improvement. For every business, it is extremely important to create a good relationship with your customers since their satisfaction is of extremely high importance more than anything else.

#4 More Conversions & Sales

Once you gain your customers’ trust and are convinced enough to buy your product or take up your service, you will ultimately witness a boost in your conversion rate and sales.

If your customers favour your brand, they would spread the word and encourage others to consider your brand, hence giving rise to your conversion rate and leading to turn your visitors into customers.

#5 Display User-Generated Content

Facebook reviews are User-Generated Content, i.e., the content created by your customers, which makes it the most authentic and genuine form of content marketing.

Since all visitors look for is genuine content and words by other customers, they will be compelled to purchase to try out the product.

#6 Instil Faith In Organic Visitors

Suppose a visitor has reached your website accidentally. In that case, they too will be compelled to go through your website to have a closer look into your business since Facebook reviews make for an impactful digital presence.

There is a high chance that the accidental visitors may connect with your brand if the products are convincing enough and turn into your most loyal customers!

Over To You

Here were the top key benefits of displaying Facebook reviews on websites. Since Facebook reviews are a part of User-generated content, other customers can easily be trusted by other customers that customers trust other customers more.

All you have to do is utilize a highly responsive Facebook review aggregation tool that can effectively collect, curate, and display your Facebook reviews on websites, and you are good to go!



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