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6 Reasons Why Vertical Blinds are Great for Your Home

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Window blinds are a necessary item. It is not just for blocking the sunlight; over the years, the item has become a fashion statement, a part of home decor, a luxury product, and many other things. As such, you can find window blinds from affordable prices to those that will cost double your house rent. Window blinds are now more than just a sun-blocking cloth, and vertical blinds are the new trend in the market.

These types of blinds have become so popular among Australians. People use this blind in their bedroom, living room, patio window, etc. And if you visit around ten houses in your neighbourhood, you can find these vertical styled blinds in at least 5 of them. Also, you can expect the remaining households to buy these in a few months.

Why Are These Blinds Becoming So Popular, and What Are Its Benefits?

These blinds are vertical lengths of fabric materials attached to a sliding track at the top and can be controlled by a plastic wand or rope/chain. These pieces of cloth material (slats/louvres) are tied to weights at the bottom. These slats can be extended along the track to block the sunlight or nestled together to let the light enter.

As such, the benefits of these blinds can be listed as follows:

1. Decorate the House and Shade the Windows

This is the basic function of any window curtain, but what makes vertical blinds so unique is the ease of controlling the sunlight. The blinds can block the light or open up entirely with just the pulling of the chain/rope attached to the track. The slats will slide and open or close faster than any other type of curtain, making it faster and easier to control the light.

2. Minimal Maintenance

The maintenance requirement for these blinds is significantly less. So, you just need to clean it now and then, and until the chain or slats comes loose or breaks (which is rare), you don’t need to worry. Besides, you can call the after-sales service team anytime as these blinds usually come with at least one year of warranty.

3. Highly Durable

The reason why it needs minimum maintenance is because of its high durability. It can last longer than other blinds and can survive extreme heat, dust, rainwater, and other environmental elements.

4. Helps Keep Privacy

These blinds cover the window completely when you pull the chain, and quickly too. As such, it is not easy for someone to peek from outside through these blinds, and you can also control how much visibility is required to see outside. These blinds can also control the visibility same as it controls the light.

5. Versatility

Compared to other blinds, these blinds are not just versatile in colours; they are also different in shape and functioning style. It is a unique design compared to any other blinds available on the market.

6. Affordable

These blinds attain the number one spot in people’s favourite list because of their affordability. These blinds are versatile and cost-effective compared to other types of blinds. Its durability also plays a vital role in keeping it in the best position in the market.

These are the benefits of vertical blinds. And, this is why it has become so popular among every household.

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