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A Guide on Node JS For Beginners

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With so many technologies, many big brands are achieving what they desire. By building applications, they can easily interact with the customers which benefits them. Now to build applications, these brands call out for the developers. These developers are efficient enough to build web applications by using the programming language. These programming languages follow certain rules and procedures which is followed by the computer, to act upon the given command. These languages have predefined commands and rules. Also, know that these programming languages are used to write scripts. Scripts help in enhancing the user experience as it helps in creating more user-friendly navigation. These website scripts can be divided into two- server-side and client-side. The client-side script will run on the user’s computer or device whereas the server-side script will run on the server.

We all have heard about the programming language called javascript. This is mostly used to write client-side scripts. You must know that to write the server-side script, the developers go for the node js tool in the web application. Many of us misunderstand Node js as a programming language or a framework, well it is neither of the both. Node js is a java runtime environment. In short java runtime environment (JRE) is software that is made to execute the other software. This tool consists of a java virtual machine, java classloader and java class library. Node js is gaining popularity among developers because it is best suited for software and web applications that require real-time and direct interactions.

Seeing all this, learning node js will be great for your career, if you are interested in this field. Many brands are welcoming the developers who have done node training. The node js course is easily available online, so you can explore the options. Also, if you are thinking to start learning node js, follow the following points to give it a fresh start:

  • Learn JavaScript- The node tool is written in the JavaScript programming language, so you should start by learning this language. JavaScript is the only language that helps in giving structures and style to web pages. This will help in building the interactive elements which will engage the user.
  • Understand the meaning of node- Before getting into the node training, it is important for you to understand its meaning. Node is useful for building applications that require a persistent connection from the browser to the server. This will help in building the communications in real-time applications like push notifications, chats, news feeds, etc. This can be scaled up to the large distributed programs.
  • Know about non-blocking pattern in node- It refers to the program that does not block the execution of further operations. Non-blocking methods are executed nonsynchronous. It means that the program will not execute line by line. So here the program will not wait and will automatically move to the next operation.
  • Event loop- Node js provides an event module that you need to use for creating and handling custom events.
  • Global variables- Learn about all the global variables like JavaScript, node library functions, global objects etc. Also, learn about their tasks so that you can use them efficiently.
  • Learn code writing- Try to learn code writing, so that you can easily read it.
  • Write web application- Try to handle the situations till you get comfortable with node.

The node js is gaining popularity all over and is turning out to be a great career option for candidates. To know more about this, the following are some of the major advantages:

  • Easy to learn- JavaScript is the most popular programming language and every beginner to professional is aware of this language. Node is written with JavaScript. So even if you are a junior JavaScript programmer, you need to put in less effort to learn nodes.
  • Market demand- Adding node js to your resume will open more opportunities for you. You will open job opportunities and will surely help in expanding your career. Also, know that as you will step into this field, your pay will increase as you gain experience.
  • Full-stack web development- The rise of full-stack web development can be ascribed to the node. It means when the developers work on all the aspects like the front-end development, back-end development, database administration and much more.
  • Build apps- With the help of node js, you will be able to build the apps without writing complex code. You can easily build complex and powerful web applications with the help of node js.
  • More than web applications- Node js is not just limited to building web applications as it is flexible. It can be used for different purposes as it turns out to be a great tool for those who work in infrastructure or ops as well.

So above are some of the benefits of learning the node js. After the node training, you will be able to create sophisticated backends and RESTful APIs, Build cutting edge server-side applications, Build reusable modules and distributable packages, Build networked applications and servers, Incorporate JWT and session-based authentication strategies, Incorporate Model-View-Controller architecture, Protect Node.js with express apps by incorporating XSS and CSRF attacks and Deploy Node.js apps on the cloud.

If you are interested to pursue this course or training, you can contact ‘Knowledge Hub’. They have had experience in this field for years. You can visit their online platform to more about this training in detail. Also, if you are in doubt, know that you can do this online course along with your present job. You can go for both weekday or weekend batches at your convenience. Know that the course is available in both blended learning and self-paced mode. This way you can balance your work and schedule together without any hassle. After this training when your resume will reflect about this course, it is very sure that you will get great job opportunities. For more details, you can reach out to their website and can contact them.

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