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Are Criminal Defense Lawyers Really Like They Are On Tv

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You shouldn’t assume you can do surgery after watching Grey’s Anatomy. However, Law and Order is not a show you should assume you are an expert in the legal system.

Many of the most beloved TV shows have featured criminal defense lawyers, including Saul Goodman from “Breaking Bad” and Annalise Keating from “How to Get Away with Murder.” The drama is thrilling to watch, but how much actually takes place in a criminal defense trial?

Case Numbers

To make TV good, the case must be closed by the end. This means that the trial must begin as soon as the crime is committed. However, trials can take up to months and can even last for years.

In TV shows, criminal attorneys only deal with one case at any given time. This is not how it works in real life. It would take much longer to resolve a case. A Toronto criminal defense lawyer might have hundreds of cases per year and may have multiple cases at once.

Lawyers Aren’t All Liars

Shows that focus on crime and law are filled with lies and deception, even from the perspective of lawyers. Most lawyers enter the profession because they care deeply about the law and believe that the criminal justice system is right. It is their responsibility to present truthful information so that people can think the way they want. However, this does not imply lying.

Lawyers Don’t Spend All Their Time In Court

To fully understand a case, it is important to do extensive research before going to court. This is often not shown or done in brief snippets because no one wants to see a lawyer sitting in their office writing and reading for hours.

They Don’t Care If Their Client Thinks It Is Guilty

It is not the job of the lawyer to decide whether the client is guilty or innocent. Their job is to present evidence that supports their client’s innocence. Television shows can make it appear that the lawyer is in control of the outcome, based on their beliefs.

Life Outside Of Law

Although it may seem that lawyers work 24/7 and never leave their office, some shows show that lawyers actually live outside of work.

Although it can be very time-consuming and demanding, many criminal defense lawyers also have children and partners. They are still able travel and enjoy hobbies. This is often overlooked because it doesn’t provide entertainment value.

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