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Beginners Guide For Hampta Pass Trek

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Hampta pass is located   at 14039ft in  the Pir Panjal mountains  in Himalayas . It is a small passageway  between the Lahaul’s Chandra valley and the Kullu Valley in Himachal Pradesh . Hampta Pass is the absolute place for a person who loves to be in nature and unimaginable terrains. The scenery  in Hampta pass changes every few hours of walking. So  all the nature lovers and trekkers should add Hampta Pass trek to their bucket list .

  • Best time to visit Hampta pass and trek in Hampta Pass is from June  to September.
  • The Level of Difficulty of Hampta Pass trek is Moderate.  So You should be Fit and Active and also You Should Have Prior experience in Trekking.
  • Itinerary To Reach Hampta Pass
  • Day 1 -Arrive In Manali , You can Come By bus from Delhi , Chandigarh , Pathankot . Then from Manali one has to drive till Jobra and from Jobra The trek Will Start and Jobra is also the point from where the Hampta Pass Originates , From Jobra you will have to Trek till Chika where there is a campsite and you will be spending your night there. It Is An Amazing place. There are dense forests , Lush Green Forests and there is a river that flows through Named Rani Nallah . This will be at a height of 10,100Ft
  • Day 2 – From Chika you will depart towards Balu Ka Ghera after Having Your Breakfast at the campsite and as soon as you depart you get beautiful Scenery and Scenic Mountains , Snow clad Mountains. They are called Dhauladhar Ranges or The White Ranges because the Combination of Snow Flora is just perfect. It makes you feel as if you are not in India . You can spend The Night at the Campsite in Balu Ka Ghera.This is situated at an Altitude of 11,900 ft .
  • Day 3 – On The  3rd Day You will go to Siagoru from Balu Ka Ghera and during this trek you will pass Hampta Pass . Once You Reach Hampta Pass you will see Beauty of Nature Never Seen Before .Snow Clad Mountains . There will be Shepherds with their sheeps. Because in Hampta Pass the Grass is of special type so the shepherds prefer to take their sheeps to that area . And also you can Visit Hampta Village on which Hampta pass is Named . You can Spend some time in Hampta pass because the Calmness and the scenic views will provoke you to stay there and spend some time in the laps of Mother Nature. And after spending time in Hampta Pass you will  Reach Siagoru and you can spend the night there. The Maximum Altitude for 3rd Day’s Journey Will be 14,100 Ft
  • Day 4- On The 4th Day you will depart from Siagoru and go towards Chatru Through Hampta Pass and at Chatru there are 3 Paths that meet there  : One Path  Leads to Spiti Second Path  Leads to Rohtang Pass and Third Path Leads to Hampta pass , Then you Can Go To Chandratal Lake which is Located at 13,943 Ft. The Speciality of this Lake is that it is a moon shaped Lake that’s Why It’s Called Chandratal . A lake as Beautiful as the Moon and the beauty will make you fall in love with Nature and Himalayas. At Night You will have to come back to Chatru and stay there for a night .
  • Day 5 – On The 5th Day You will depart from Chatru and come back to Manali Via Rohtang Pass . The Beauty of Rohtang Pass is unimaginable. The Bends and curves of the roads along with the magnanimous Himalayas and Lot of green trees will make you fall in love with the entire road journey and anyways who doesn’t like road trips in the Himalayas. The Hampta Pass trek is a journey or a trek which is unforgettable, Whether you come with your friends , family , Solo This Trip will never let your hopes down and once you finish this trek you will make lots of friends or strengthen your existing friendship and take lots and lots of memories from The Hampta Pass Trek . So without Missing Any Further Opportunities go to Hampta pass and experience this wonderful trek on your own.


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