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What You Want To Recognize Earlier Than Shopping For A Rubdown Gun?

This is our complete manual on what you ought to appear out for whilst shopping for a rubdown gun. There are many one-of-a-kind specifications given to a rubdown gun, it could be puzzling at the beginning. Do watch the video above, in case you are a visible character. If now no longer you could keep studying beneath as we provide an explanation for what a rubdown gun do, and what does every specification method.

What is RPM?

RPM stands for revolutions in keeping with minute i.e., how frequently the rubdown gun can hit in a single minute!

As noted above, the better the velocity, the better the depth of the rubdown. The majority of rubdown weapons characteristic a velocity variety of round 2000 RPM to 3200 RPM.

Massage Gun Just like with amplitude, there may be no nice velocity for everyone. It is extra beneficial, however, to have a tool that has a number speeds to pick from. For example, the Hyperbole has three velocity alternatives that customers can select relying on their preference. Lower speeds may be used for warming up muscle groups or very sore muscle groups that are extra touchy. Higher speeds may be used for extremely stiff muscle groups or deep tight knots.

Battery Life

Much like cellular phones, battery existence is vital for Wi-Fi handheld rubdown weapons as no person loves to must rate their gadgets after each use. It is especially vital for heavy customers inclusive of therapists to have an extended tool battery existence on the way to deal with their customers for the duration of the day. We generally tend to opt for battery existence of as a minimum 60 mines to minimize charging frequency.

Do word that for gadgets inclusive of the Thurgau G3Pro that offer a couple of battery pack, the opposite battery/batteries may be charged even as you’re the usage of the primary battery, allowing you to continuously transfer out batteries to be used. This method much less downtime as your tool is prepared to be used at any one time.

Compare this to the Hyperbole which can also additionally have an extended battery existence, however include simplest one battery which needs to be charged whilst depleted, and not using a different batteries to be had, cannot be used throughout this time.

Attachment Heads

Depending at the person, one-of-a-kind attachment heads can be desired for one-of-a-kind applications. Standard attachments just like the ball or bullet head are generally covered for maximum gadgets however precise attachment heads can offer an extra entire revel in.

For example, the cone, thumb, and wedge attachments covered with the Three Massage Gun G3Pro are remarkable for running on smaller regions of the frame because of their form and length even as the Hypervolt’s fork attachment permits customers to paintings round touchy regions inclusive of bones and tendons.


Do have a sense of the load of the gadgets earlier than creating a decision. If you’re worried approximately the load as quickly as you choose out it up, you’ll be feeling it plenty extra 2 mins into your rubdown.

Try to goal difficult-to-attain regions as they require you to get into a clumsy position. If you couldn’t keep the location of the rubdown gun for lengthy then you’re higher off enlisting the assist of a companion or deciding on a lighter tool.


You would possibly think: I don’t absolutely care how my rubdown gun appears as lengthy because it works. However, the layout we’re speak me approximately isn’t approximately aesthetics however the sensible aspect.

The Hypervolt and TheraGun G3Pro are both quite well-balanced in terms of weight distribution, which reduces the pressure on the wrists and palms when used continuously for extended periods. In addition the G3Pro additionally capabilities an adjustable arm which permits customers to set the attachment heads at one-of-a-kind attitude to attain as much as 90% of the frame. Poorly-designed gadgets can also additionally have choppy weight distribution, or are cumbersome and difficult to apply.


As with another high-price investment, its miles essential that a product guarantee is supplied in case of any defects or untimely failure. Apart from guarantee insurance period, the convenience of guarantee declares is likewise very vital to remember, especially if the tool changed into bought from remote places.

Usually, remote places producers would require the faulty object to be shipped returned to them for a guarantee declare, with the purchaser typically bearing any freight/delivery prices to be able to additionally generally tend to take a long term to process. Do appearance out for a neighborhood guarantee supplied as it could suggest saving on time, money, and effort.

Included Extras

It is regularly clean to simply examine the fee of 1 tool to some other without searching at the whole lot else as a whole. After all, a rubdown gun is simplest a rubdown gun right? Not pretty, actually. Depending on what’s covered, your revel in with one tool can be an awful lot one-of-a-kind than with some other.

Take the G3Pro for instance. On paper its miles one of the extra expensive alternatives with inside the marketplace however capacity consumers generally tend to now no longer be privy to what it includes. The G3Pro comes with 2 batteries, that is 1 extra than maximum competition out there. Click here A tour case and a charging dock is likewise covered, objects which are typically separate purchases if even to be had. A very reachable partner app is likewise to be had in your cellphone with loads of statistics from one-of-a-kind strategies to apply for one-of-a-kind conditions/situations, right all the way down to troubleshooting not unusual place troubles that a person would possibly encounter. Chances are, the usage of the G3Pro may be an awful lot much less of a trouble in comparison to maximum.

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