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Factors That Can Cause Damage to a Business Parking Lot Pavement

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Most business parking lot pavements are constructed from a material known as asphalt for its many benefits. It does not require a lot of maintenance. Asphalt is long-lasting and smooth, giving a parking lot a pleasing appearance. It is also cost-effective to install and maintain.

However, a parking lot comes under a lot of strain from the elements, heavy loads, and other factors. Find out what can damage your parking lot pavement and how to avoid problems that lead to expensive fixes or having to replace it ahead of its normal life cycle.

Low-Quality Installation

The cheapest contractor is not always the best choice for your commercial asphalt installation.  Make sure that you only use a reputable company by checking reviews and even inspecting a few sites where the contractor has installed asphalt. If not done correctly, it will not withstand the elements adequately and will have greater wear and tear. It will not look as good as a properly carried out job.

Heavy Loads

If your asphalt surface has to bear the weight of heavy vehicles, it will chip, become cracked, and eventually break apart. The pressure it is laid to cope with does not take heavy loads into account. Areas should be designated for frequent delivery trucks that have reinforced asphalt installed that is designed specifically to handle these routine loads. Put up a sign barring heavy vehicles from your business parking lot pavement and indicating that it is reserved for customers only.

Tree Roots

Although you would like to make the parking lot attractive and provide customers with shady parking, you should avoid planting trees in or near the area. The roots of trees are continuously searching for water and will distort or push up through the asphalt layer. This will result in an uneven surface that could be problematic for your customers’ cars. If you do decide to go with trees, read up on the best ways to do so.

Bright Sunlight

Bright sunlight streaming down on your parking lot day after day is going to cause damage after a while. It causes the asphalt surface to melt and soften and leads to oxidation. The new surface will rapidly become faded and look older than it is. To prevent these effects, you should have a seal coat applied at regular periods as advised by your asphalt contractor.


Don’t ever use chemicals on your asphalt parking lot pavement that have not been recommended by experts. These substances will cause the surface to deteriorate swiftly.

Asphalt is not made to cope with the freeze and thaw cycles that result from the snow that is treated with rock salt to remove it. Metal shovels will do more damage. Hire a professional snow removal company that has the tools to move the snow from the parking lot without doing any harm.

Oil stains should be cleaned off immediately as they will be easier to remove completely. Bicarbonate of soda and scrubbing the stain with a hard brush should get the job done. Rinse the surface with a hose after cleaning it. An alternative to baking soda is oven cleaner. If none of these measures work, use a degreaser made to industrial strength. However, when your asphalt has myriad, unsightly stains, your asphalt contractor can provide an asphalt overlay to replace the surface and make it look as good as new.

Ponding Water

When water lies on the top of your asphalt parking lot in puddles or ponds, it starts to seep through to the layers below until it reaches the base and dislodges its structure. Additionally, ponding water leads to potholes and cracks on the surface, which are a hazard to customers’ vehicles. Make sure that your parking lot has an effective drainage system to carry water away from the asphalt.

Extreme Weather

We have already discussed the problems and solutions to snow, ponding water, and sunlight on your asphalt parking lot. When the weather is very cold, the asphalt pavement will contract, causing it to develop cracks. This will decrease the life cycle of your asphalt. Excessive heat has the opposite effect, causing the asphalt to expand. As with bright sunlight, it will also fade.

The asphalt foundation can be destroyed by continuously dripping water. Do not allow customers’ vehicles to be washed in the parking lot. Fix any leaks promptly.

Lack of Maintenance

Basic maintenance of your asphalt parking lot area will allow it to last for its full lifespan and keep looking good. Address maintenance tasks like sweeping debris, removing stains when they happen, filling cracks, and getting rid of snow and ice. Turn to a professional such as https://scsealing.com/sealing/ for timely repairs and upkeep.

A well-maintained asphalt parking lot is aesthetically appealing, functional, and safe to use.

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