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How effectively does Swift Wart Therapy work?

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When the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) comes in contact with the skin and enters the body through cuts or minor wounds, plantar warts tend to appear. These warts usually appear on the sole of the feet. Scientists have developed a cutting-edge technology called Swift wart therapy, which removes plantar warts using mild microwave energy.

This FDA-approved treatment technique delivers instant results and does not have any post-treatment issues like skin breakage, bruises, nausea, and it does not require bandages. One can continue to resume their normal activities after getting this therapy. As this is a recent development, people are sceptical about going through this process and have many questions in their minds. The following points may answer many of these questions.

Does the microwave have any harmful effects on the skin?

Microwaves are a form of radiation, and because of the existing conversations around the harmful effects of radiation, people tend to see microwaves as dangerous. However, the microwave is non-ionizing radiation. Thus it doesn’t damage the DNA inside the skin. Nevertheless, the Swift wart therapy only uses the amount of energy of the microwave needed for the treatment and doesn’t have any harmful effect.

Does the treatment leave scars or hurt the infected area?

During the treatment, 42-45° of heat is concentrated on the skin to remove the wart; it can cause some discomfort but does not have any harmful effect on the skin surface or cause any kind of scar to the tissue. The probe targets only the infected area with minute precision. It prevents damage to the peripheral area. It is safe for the skin and tissues, and the treatment doesn’t cause scarring or any kind of prolonged discomfort to the tissue. However, there is some post-treatment pain in some exceptional cases, but it is not unbearable and usually goes away soon.

What is the process of this therapy?

The treatment usually lasts for about five to ten minutes, depending upon the size of warts. The doctor uses microwave energy through a probe targeting the infected area and instigates the body’s natural immunity cells to attack the HPV virus. This treatment is known to heal warts from the roots because it hits the root cause, not just the symptoms.

When should one consult a doctor for Swift therapy?

When warts start appearing on the skin, a hardness begins to form. Experts suggest that when one observes the beginning of wart formation, it is best to consult a doctor and get the treatment done because delayed treatment will require more seatings and discomfort. The sooner the treatment is taken, the better the results are.

Although plantar warts are not a severe health problem, they can be uncomfortable in certain circumstances. If they are left untreated, they can spread and grow on the foot. Plantar warts appear as a tiny, fleshy, rough lesion on the sole of the foot, generally around the bottom of the toes and forefoot or the ankle. Close inspection may reveal tiny spots in the lesion, which can produce discomfort when squeezed from side to side.

Swift Wart Therapy has other benefits. Such as

  • Instant treatment and instant recovery: The therapy is known to have instant results and absolutely no side-effects
  • Uses single-use tips: Single-use disposable tips are used with the probe in order to avoid any chances of cross-contamination.
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