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How to Edit PDF Files for Free on Computers and Phones

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PDF files have become increasingly popular over the last decade, and for good reasons. They’re professional, multi-dimensional, and most of all, secure. However, the only spoke in the wheel is that it’s impossible to edit these files without a PDF text editor.

Unfortunately, not everyone is willing to dole out a monthly subscription fee simply to edit excel to pdf documents. With this in mind, we’ve culled this handy guide to show you how to edit and convert PDF files on computers for free with a help of sodapdf.com/pdf-to-word/.

How To Organize PDF Pages Like A Pro

Organizing your PDF pages is the first step to learning how to edit PDFs on phones or computers. The best part? It’s pretty easy, and you don’t necessarily have to be a tech guru to do this. So how do you organize PDF pages like a pro to ensure that your document looks professional and tidy?

For starters, you’ll have to download a handy PDF tool or editor (we’ll explore the best options for you further down the line). Once you’ve done this, upload the PDF file you want to edit and then drag and drop the pages in any order you want. Voila!

How To Highlight, Annotate, And Mark Up PDF

When analyzing or reading any text, it’s common to highlight or annotate sections for future reference. With physical copies, it’s pretty easy to pull this off with a simple pen or marker. On the other hand, since PDF files are challenging to edit, annotation is more difficult on mobile devices and computers. This is probably the most significant challenge users face when they’re trying to edit PDF files.

So, wondering how to highlight and annotate text in PDF documents? Well, it mostly depends on the PDF maker or editor in question. For some like Adobe Acrobat, you’ll need to click on the Comment/Annotation tool to get a full view of the annotation menu. You can then click on your desired option. For other PDF editors, you only need to highlight the text, and it will automatically display the annotation menu.

How to Add Text to PDFs

With any external PDF tool, you can easily add text to any document, sign electronically, and even fill out PDF fillable forms. Once you’ve selected any editor that catches your fancy, click on the “Edit” button, and you can start filling in text straightaway. Next, download the updated file onto your mobile device or computer.

6 Essential PDF Editor Tools

Wondering how to edit PDF on Android phones, iPhones, and computers? Here are some handy editor tools that will help you:

Lumin PDF

Lumin PDF is a top-tier PDF editor for Android and IOS devices. With this tool, you can make PDF fillable and sign forms electronically. It also offers cross-platform syncing, which means that you can access your PDF documents on the go — from your mobile phone or personal computer.

With Lumin PDF’s cloud integration feature, you’ll never lose an important document again as all files will be automatically saved to your Google Drive or Dropbox cloud. Perhaps, the best quality of this tool is that it provides real-time syncing for users, which alerts you about changes to your document in real-time.

So, if you’re wondering which tool is the best PDF editor for Android and iOS devices, Lumin PDF is the definite winner.

Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat is easily the most in-demand tool within the PDF community. As the pioneer of the PDF format, this editor comes with a rich range of features. Its streamlined sharing feature makes it an incredible tool for workplace collaboration as you can easily share edited documents as attachments or links. Adobe Acrobat is also compatible with multiple devices, meaning that you can easily edit PDF on iPhones, Android devices, and computers. Although Adobe Acrobat is a paid tool, users can enjoy its premium features without payment for a limited period.

Soda PDF

If you need a hassle-free method of editing PDF files, Soda PDF is the perfect tool for you. This editor has an easy-to-use interface which you’ll find helpful as a first-time user. It’s also fully integrated with most web browsers, so if you’re trying to edit pdf online, this tool will certainly come in handy.

The best part? You can secure your sensitive files with a password-protect system. This way, you’ll have no fear of losing sensitive information.

PDF Buddy

PDF Buddy is a common choice for anyone trying to edit PDF files online. This PDF editor lets you edit files seamlessly on the go. Since PDF Buddy is web-based, you don’t have to download any app to try out its features. The tool also lets you edit up to three PDF files for free each month. However, if you need to edit more than three files, you’re better off trying out the premium version for an affordable fee.


Just like PDF Buddy, Sejda is yet another web-based tool that helps with all your editing needs and boosts productivity. With this tool, you’re not just limited to adding text to your documents. You can also compress, merge, and split files. If you want to extract pages from a file, Sejda offers this feature.

Wondershare PDFelement

If you’re looking for an all-in-one pdf tool that solves your needs, Wondershare PDFelement is an excellent choice for you. With this tool, you can create new documents, convert PDF to editable PDF files, and even annotate them as well. Wondershare also has a mobile and web version, making it easy for you to edit anywhere, anytime.

How to Edit PDFs on Your iPhone or Android Device

So, here’s the big question: how do you edit PDFs on your iOS or Android devices? Well, it’s pretty easy. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Select any PDF editor of your choice.
  2. Click on the “Edit” icon, and start editing.
  3. Download or share the edited file.

It’s important to note that these steps may vary depending on the tool in question. If you prefer to edit online, simply use a web-based editor, upload your document and start editing.

Final Thoughts

Thanks to the availability of PDF editing tools, PDFs have become less complicated and more seamless for users. Tools like Lumin PDF offer users an extensive range of features to ensure a seamless experience. However, if you’d like to explore your options fully, the other editing tools listed above are certainly worth considering.

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