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How to Keep Your House Fresh and Clean

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Unpleasant odours, no matter how much air freshener you spray, can haunt your home for weeks. Caused by cooking, smoking, pets, tobacco, laundry, mould, and more, all these foul smells can stubbornly stick to your walls, carpets, couches, and beddings. The case may seem hopeless and you might think that you’ll have to live with these olfactory disturbances forever.

Fortunately, there are home remedies that you can try out to either completely remove or mask these smells. Have a fresher and cleaner home, by making sure that every breath you take is free from rancid and stubborn odours.

Tips for a Fresh and Clean House

There’s no need to get stressed about keeping a clean and fresh house because you can achieve that with these tips:

  1. Throw out the Source

Sources of bad odours usually remain incognito in their early days. As time passes by, and organic breakdown starts to occur, their presence will become more evident as the smell gets stronger as well.

To prevent the stench from spreading around your home, make sure to conduct regular cleaning to clear out these culprits before it’s too late. The usual sources of malodorous odour usually come from trash cans, wet laundry, improperly stored food, spoilt leftovers, dirty rugs, decaying fruits, dead insects or vermin, unclean carpets, stuck drains, and filthy pet beds.

Now, there will be other causes of such odours, but these are the most common ones, so you should check and clean them regularly with natural or homemade chemical cleaners.

  1. Smoke It Out

Some scents can stay longer than others. The only way to get rid of them is to simply wait for the particles to dissipate. However, you can speed up the process by contrasting the weakening odours with your own fragrant scents.

To do this, you may use scented candles, incense, and air fresheners to cover up the stench as it slowly fades away. These options are especially effective if you want to get rid of the cooking-induced smells that tend to spread around the house.

However, before you purchase them, make sure to buy complementary smells as buying overly-contrasting ones could worsen the indoor air quality. Fire prevention equipment should always be ready in case anything goes out of control as well. Installing compressed air systems will also be helpful as they will regulate the emitted smoke and prevent it from triggering your smoke detectors.

  1. Concoct Natural Scents

Using store-bought air fresheners to clear up the smell in your home may trigger other people’s allergies and cause runny noses. So, why not save your cash and try a safer and cheaper alternative through natural organic scents?

You may use ingredients from your kitchens such as nutmeg, lemon, orange, cinnamon, vanilla, ginger, almonds, and more. You can also forage for cedar and pine twigs to incorporate a more husky smell.

To extract these sweet-smelling oils, you can boil them together in a pan, sieve them, and put the filtrate in a spray bottle. And, voila! You now have an organic homemade air freshener that won’t upset anyone’s allergies.

  1. Have Some Plants Around

Plants are Mother Nature’s air purifiers. Having shrubs and greenery in your house can help you improve the air quality and odour status of your home, as these plants will help in absorbing the nasty chemicals while providing you with extra oxygen.

Plants such as jasmine, oregano, eucalyptus orchids, and snake plants can act as both purifiers and beautifiers. However, it’s important to note that regular cleaning of dead leaves, flowers, and other organic matter should be handled regularly to prevent rotting and adding home odour.

  1. Install a Diffuser

Discreet and effective, ultrasonic diffusers are today’s solution to smelly modern homes. By using ultrasonic waves, the diffuser’s plate will silently create vibrations through the air and scatter the microscopic particles of your chosen essential oil. This way, it can pump in fragrant particles in your home 24/7 without causing any noise disturbance.

  1. Replace and Clean AC Filter

Having an AC system in your home will do more than just regulate your home temperature. With its installed air filter, it will also help in cleaning out the indoor air quality and remove any foul smells.

However, its performance can be heavily hindered if its filter is dirty and is blocked by dust and debris. To prevent this, make sure to replace or clean your AC filters regularly. And, to make these replacements last longer, you should install dust collectors from Ontario to aid in blockage prevention.

  1. Add Some Cooking Vents

The worst home smells that could stick to your furniture and walls are those that come from cooking. To prevent these chemicals from intruding into your home, you should install cooking events in your kitchen.

This way, the smoke will automatically get filtered and released outside of your house. However, the extreme temperatures may damage your HVAC system, so it’s best to contact furnace repair in Mississauga to conduct regular check-ups.

Maintaining a good indoor home quality can be a tough challenge. Since air and odour particles are impossible to see with the naked eye, dealing with them can be tricky. And, certain smells can have their own staying power, depending on what chemicals produced them, so you have to be clever in eradicating each of them. As long as you follow these tips, you’ll be one step closer to a cleaner and fresher home.

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