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How To Score 160+ In the SSC MTS Exam

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If you are appearing for the SSC MTS exam scoring 160+ must be your dream. Moreover, each candidate needs to set a high score. With true hardship, you can secure a high score. But, it is important to have the right strategy to study. If you have the right plan to study and prepare for the exam you will excel at it.

The right tips and dedication can help you score 160+ easily. In this article, we will discuss these strategies, study plans, and tips. Without any further ado let’s jump into it.

Preparation from the Beginning

As the first step of your preparation, you will have to download the SSC MTS syllabus first. You need to go through the syllabus, figure out your strong and weak areas and study accordingly.

In case you do not have much about the exam, here is a brief. The Staff Selection Commission is conducted at a national level and is a competitive examination. Ideal candidates for Grade C non-gazetted and general Central Government Service are chosen through this exam.

Tips to Prepare for the Exam

Check out some tips that will help you to score 160+ in the SSC MTS exam –

  • Make A Routine

Whenever you are preparing for any competitive exam, you must make a routine. This routine should cover all the subjects. This can be an ideal example of balancing studies with your personal life. Nonetheless, making a routine considering all the weak areas can prove to be extremely helpful for the exam. This can be a 30-, 45- or 60-day timetable.

  • Collecting Study Material

Downloading or getting hold of the syllabus is important, as you will have to collect the study materials and books. The study material for this exam is notes, practice tests, mock papers, solved question papers, and more. You must include GK magazines and newspapers. This is important as it will keep you informed about current affairs.

  • Do Not Worry Much

SSC MTS is one of the most competitive exams in all of the country. It can easily rob you of your good night’s sleep. Hence, it is important to keep your stress in check. Worrying way too much about this exam can ruin diet as well as peace. Make sure that you eat a good diet, take rest or breaks in between studies, and sleep for at least 7 hours a day.

  • Keep On Practicing

This is an old saying yet is extremely efficient. You need to keep on practicing be it solving questions or SSC MTS mock tests. Practicing all of the question papers, practice tests, mock papers will help you not only revise what you have studied but also get a hang of the exam question paper. Practicing GK, current affairs and current affairs is quite important for any SSC MTS assistance.

  • Cross-Check Your Doubts

It is quite normal that you will face several doubts while preparing. This is when you will need an expert opinion which can be referred at BYJU’s Exam Prep. Clarifying doubts from your fellow aspirants will not be an ideal thing to do, as their knowledge pool will be the same as yours. Take the help of any subject matter experts, mentors, or your teachers. This will help in your preparation for the exam.


Above everything, it is important to make up your mind to crack the exam and score extremely well in it. Motivation is the key to scoring 160+ in your SSC MTS exams.

However, you may keep in mind all of the tips mentioned above. It will only help you prepare well and score tremendously well on the exam. Do not waste another moment and start preparing according to this strategy.



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