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Life is unpredictable: how to stay flexible in your approach to learning

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Uncontrollable circumstances happen all the time, so making sure that you’re flexible in your approach to learning is a must to keep your stress levels to a minimum and allow you to concentrate on your studies. Allowing yourself to get overly stressed or anxious due to situations out of your control will do nothing to your information retention rates or your chances of leaving university with the grades and qualifications that you enrolled to gain.

#1 Why it’s important to research universities

It is important to research the universities that you are hoping to attend so that you can endeavor to enrol in one that not only provides the course that you want to take and appeals to you the most. Within this list, make sure that you have runners up so that if you don’t get offered a place at your first choice, or if you feel that you need to transfer, you have the details of other commendable universities that you can apply to.

In fact, some universities offer guides for this very scenario such as how to transfer to Notre Dame at CampusReel, and rather than throwing in the towel on your studies, if you feel that you have made a mistake with your university choice, it’s far better to seek a transfer so that you can continue on your educational journey that will support your future career and home life.

#2 Switching university due to family relocation

One of the reasons why you may be looking for a transfer is due to family relocation. This, of course, is if you are still living at home and are wanting to keep it that way while you’re attending your university course. There are many advantages to staying at home while studying, with of course, the main one being financial and another being support within your home life.

However, family relocation can happen for many reasons, although the most prominent one is when the main breadwinner needs to follow their work to a new location.

#3 Fitting into a new area

When it comes to relocating, you’re going to be settling into a new area and this can bring mixture of excitement and apprehension, even more so if there is new schooling or a new university to attend.

Breaking into already formed friend groups can be difficult and a new student can be made to feel very much alone and unexcepted, however, it will be unlikely that you will be the only student to relocate, and the chances are you will find someone that is either going through the same as you or someone that is kind-hearted and willing to take you under their wing until you find your feet.

#4 Finding new friend groups

As you might already be aware, friend groups do not have to start and stop at your university, there are other places in which you can meet people and make friendships, and these are places such as work if you have to have a part-time job to see you through your studies, or at a local club. Gyms or sports clubs, especially those that focus on team games, are a great place to find friendships while keeping fit.

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