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Some Dog Breeds that Purebred Lovers Can Consider

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Mixed breed dogs take up a greater percentage of canines all around us. They can be amazing creatures depending on the breed, medical history, and other important stats. For instance, a report explained why mixed breed dogs are more intelligent than purebred dogs.

For more on this subject, you can check here. Be that as it may, some new and experienced canine owners are very interested in owning a purebred dog.

This is because of the several advantages that come with this. Well, there are many options to consider, and knowing them will help you make the right choice.

This article will discuss a few of them. We will not be able to discuss all of them but this is clearly a step in the right direction and why you should take this article seriously.

Some Amazing Canine Purebreds

Canine Purebreds

There are several reasons people are bent on owning and raising a purebred dog. Well, such people have a wide range of options to consider. This is even though it is not as many as what is obtainable with mixed breeds. Some of the purebreds that can be considered include the following:

Labrador Retriever

This breed is unarguably the most common dog in the world. This is even though there are more mixed-breeds than purebreds. The reason for this is not far-fetched as Labrador Retrievers have a lot of amazing qualities that make them desirable to canine owners.

The demand for them has put breeders all around the world on their toes. You should also know that this purebred is more common in certain parts than others.

Speaking of amazing qualities, Labrador Retrievers are very versatile creatures. This simply means that they can do pretty much anything which makes them very helpful. This is why you would see them as canines working with law enforcement agents, the military, as emotional support dogs, and doing several other things.

This is even though they were raised primarily as hunting dogs. Another thing that might interest you is the fact that they are water lovers. This is not common with all dogs.

Another dog that comes close in terms of love for water is the American Water Spaniel. You can check out holistapet to find out more about this canine breed.

Having established some of these amazing qualities, you need to ensure that your Labrador retriever is well trained. Doing this from the puppy stage is highly recommended and would save you a lot of trouble. The Labrador retriever is also a high-energy dog and this means that exercising is very important.


All of the purebred dogs discussed here have something in common. Other than the fact that they are purebred, they are highly appreciated and engaged by law enforcement agents. This is because of the relevant skills that they possess.

Well, the bloodhound is one of such canines. It does not come close to the Labrador retriever (discussed above) and German shepherd (discussed below) in terms of energy. However, it is way ahead in one particular way – its sense of smell.

There is hardly any other breed that is as good as the bloodhound breed at sniffing. They can do the impossible with this skill of theirs.

In addition to this, they are quite affectionate and qualify as family dogs. This is because they are great with children and even other dogs and pets. However, they need to be given social training early in life to make this happen. They also need to be trained not to go off-limits tracking a smell as they are very likely to do this.

German shepherd

Aside from having a very rich history as a purebred canine, it is a very popular dog at least in the United States. However, you should know that some people find it difficult to recognize one that is truly purebred.

There are ways to find out if you have any concerns as regards this. For more on this subject, you can watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dNIESLdsjQ0&t=188s

Aside from being common among average canine owners, law enforcement agents do not take this breed for granted. This is clearly because of the major roles they play in terms of search and rescue, explosives detection, tracking, and as a guide.

True German shepherds are very smart, loyal, affectionate, protective, and observant. However, you should understand that they require training especially in the early period of their lives. This is so that they will be social and have good behavior as expected.

You also need to be hygiene conscious as they shed quite a lot. This is why you are advised to make your surroundings dog-proof. You should use sofas that are not affected by the shedding process for instance.

Golden Retriever

They are water lovers and great swimmers just like the Labrador retriever discussed above. However, they seem to be more social and fit for families than the other retriever discussed above.

This is down to their extraordinary charm and admirable personality. In addition to this, training them and having them develop the required social skills is not as difficult as with many other dogs. This is something that makes them great for law enforcement duties as well as homes.

People that need emotional support dogs can count on Golden Retrievers to come through for them. This is because they are very sensitive and able to deduce human emotions very well.

Wrap Up

Lovers of purebred canines have a lot of options to consider. However, they need to understand the gains and costs that come with having any dog they are thinking of getting. This is why this article has shed some light on four very common purebred canines and advice that you make informed decisions from now on.

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