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TaylorMade M2 Irons Set Full Review

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Are you considering purchasing a TaylorMade M2 iron set? We’re here to help to make a decision. We’ve put together an extensive overview of this iron set.

Check it out to determine whether it’s worth the purchase or is just waste of money. This is our assessment of TaylorMade M2 Irons. TaylorMade M2 Irons.


The longest of irons available and even in the irons that are designed to be distance-focused.

It is very forgiving, providing steady ball speeds and levels all over the body. Even during mishits, you can produce exceptional distance

Beautiful and modern with sophisticated designs but traditional values. The chrome finish provides stylish, durable appearances.

Smooth transition through the set, with a barely noticeable transition from slotted irons slotted to the non-slotted

TaylorMade M2 series is been among the most well-known brands for golf clubs over several years. The M2 driver is, in actual fact one of my top personal drivers in the last decade or so and one that I’ve recommended to many people of my pupils.

The M2 clubs were made with flight and distance path as their primary focus which is in line with the trend of the moment. These clubs are quite forgiving, making them suitable for novices and intermediate-handicap amateurs too.

There are many reasons why the TaylorMade M2 Irons are frequently in comparison to Callaway Steelhead XR for several reasons. It is the Callaway Steelhead XR is designed using the same principles similar to those of the TaylorMade M2 Irons: creating an elongated face and an incredibly deep center of gravity, allowing both forgiveness and distance.

Callaway Mavrik Irons Callaway Mavrik Irons offer a modern replacement to the set M2 that features the feel of a lighter set and a balanced balance with a perimeter weight that gives clear crisp contact. The irons use an artificial intelligence-powered design to create an iron that doesn’t lose the steel’s ounce. The advanced head and face structure combine to produce long-distance and high-launch.

Similar to the M2 versatile Irons like these Callaway Mavrik Irons come with both length and accuracy in a beautiful and cost-effective package.

Technical Specifications

The complete assortment comprised of TaylorMade 2017 M2 Irons consists of 4 to 9-irons including the Wedge Pitching Wedge, Attack Wedge, Sand Wedge along with Lob Wedge.

Available Shafts

You can select between graphite shafts or iron when you purchase this iron set. These are the options available to you for these TaylorMade 2017 M2 Irons:

  • FST REAX HL 88 by REAX steel shafts (S, R,)
  • M2 REAX graphite shafts (75-45g / S, R, A, L)

Both are specifically designed specifically for high-launching ball flights which means they are lighter than the typical iron shafts. The graphite option is higher priced and is significantly lighter. Both work with the M2 2017 heads very well, are solid and reliable, making them great overall choices.

What Makes The M2 Irons Unique

There are many factors that make the Taylormade M2 Irons 2017 apart against other improvement irons on the market (which we’ve reviewed here). They are M2 Irons are marketed as an improved game set that is based on distance. Typically, irons with a distance focus have similar problems: first the heads are typically large enough to hold higher MOIs, making the location rather uncomfortable. Additionally, the playability of the iron is frequently diminished.

This issue is addressed by the TaylorMade M2 Irons for 2017 The heads are medium-sized, instead of being too large and bulky. This means that they’re still comfortable to handle. The balance of performance distance and forgiveness is kept in good order. They’re among the longest irons in industry and are also one of the most forgiveness-oriented.

While they’re not as user-friendly as performance-bladed irons, M2 Irons offer some control and shaping. Particularly in terms of control, it’s easy to stop your ball whenever you want and even when you have a higher than average flight direction.

After we’ve reviewed the major aspects and features of the TaylorMade M2 Iron Set for 2017, we will discuss the key features of this year’s M2 Iron Set, as and the distinctions in comparison to the 2016 model Let us now move on to the actual review as well as conclusions.

Features & Benefits of the TaylorMade M2 Iron Set

TaylorMade clubs are renowned for their high-tech, rich features. And of course the M2 irons of 2017 are no exception. In this article, we’ll discuss the major characteristics that will be included in this year’s TaylorMade M2 Irons. These will mainly comprise of the latest technologies used.

Without further delay we will discuss some of the mentioned technologies further below.

Key Feature #1: Updated Face Slot

The Face slot isn’t an entirely new feature for TaylorMade clubs. It was initially used on the TaylorMade the RSi some time ago.

The 2016 version that came with the irons M2 doesn’t include the face slot due to the fact that the bigger head combined together with the slot on face will raise your center of gravity which will result in getting rid of the flight trajectory that is higher.

With the M2 irons of 2017 the issue was solved by new improvements to design that reduce the CG in other areas besides the face. This is accomplished by creating the top line of the head as well as its leading edge 33 percent smaller as well as the face’s profile is also constructed with the design of a lower profile.

Then, but not least the hosel also was made slimmer overall, and the CG dropped by 7 percent, which allowed for the face slot be incorporated inside without compromising the ball’s height. These designs enable faces to appear on the 4-8 irons.

In the end, as a result of this combo, this combination gives us all the forgiveness we get from the bigger head size (and consequently the higher MOI) of the M2 irons and greater forgiveness from that face slot. The M2 irons of 2017 are exceptionally forgiving and offer a natural and smooth trajectory, great ball speed, even when you hit off-center shots, and a huge MOI.

Key Feature #2: Ultra-Thin Speed Pocket

The irons range from 4 to 7. They come with the brand new super-thin Speed Pocket.

In the main, the speed pocket placed in the sole of the foot lets the face be wide and unsupported, and therefore expand more when hitting. In turn, the speed pocket will increase the speed of your ball throughout the entire face providing an excellent speed, even in off-center hits. This is why this pocket can be crucial for forgiveness as well as distance.

Key Feature #3: New Fluted Hosel

The fluted hosel design is not a brand-new feature on the new 2017 M2 Irons but was first introduced in the model of 2016. The hosel’s thin, thick fluted design that was used on the 2016 model resulted in two benefits: 3 grams of weightless as compared to AeroBurner Irons, its direct predecessors and also making the offset wider but still providing a substantial top line.

In the 2017 edition of the M2 Irons, the hosel with a flute was made even slimmer with only 6 wide sections compared to the prior 8. This reduced 2 grams over the 3 grams that were originally saved and made it lighter by 5 grams than the typical hosel.

A lighter hosel can do two things: it allows you to make faster swings and shift the center of gravity of the club down. Lowering the center of gravity is the principle behind this year’s M2 Irons designed in order to permit a face slot to be used.

Comparison: TaylorMade M2 Irons 2016 vs 2017

After we’ve discussed the three main features mentioned above there are some important differences that we can see when comparing the versions of 2016 and 2017:

Feature Comparison M2 2016 vs 2017
Feel & Sound Its 2017 Irons also sound and feel better due to the new Ribs that run across the back of the cavity. strategically placed to strengthen the face while improving the feel and sound.
Design The entire M2 brand is rebranded using the 2017 models, with a brand new light and white logo, instead of yellow and white in the 2016 version. The 2017 model also has the new chrome finish that is more appealing compared to the black and raw finish of the 2016 model.
Change through Set The biggest issue of the M2 2016 Iron Set is that the shifts, particularly those that switch from slotted irons that are not slotted to non-slotted ones, can be very noticeable. This means that the flow isn’t as efficient as you would like it to be. In the 2017 Model, The transition is evident but not as prominently. However, this year’s M2 Iron Set feels like an even more complete set than it was before.
Face Slot Face slot tech wasn’t used in the 2016 version, however, it will be featured in the 2017 version.
Speed Pocket The Speed Pocket on the 2016 version was decent enough however it was improved with the 2017 version being more compact and taller.
Fluted Hosel This year’s Fluted Hosel is lighter by 2 grams when compared to the 2016 version.

The 2016 and 2017 versions are part of TaylorMade M2 irons TaylorMade M2 Irons are designed for the same reason that is to create a long flight track and speed for the most distance, while also offering adequate forgiveness.

The 2016 M2 Irons owners: is worth upgrading to 2017’s model?
Our opinion is that it is a”yes. It is not only a sleeker (and more realistic) iron set but also offers better forgiveness thanks to facial slot design as well as a modernized speed pocket.

The lower center of gravity allows for greater flight speed that, when combined along with the speed and face pocket as well as the lighter fluted hosel will give you greater, more reliable performance over a longer distance. If you have the money the 2017 M2 Iron Set is definitely worth a change.

Things to take into consideration prior to buying this TaylorMade M2 Iron Set

In this article, we’ll break the discussion into different aspects, and also talking about the most frequently asked questions about The 2017 M2 Irons. This is how we want you to are able to fully comprehend M2 Irons from TaylorMade 2017 M2 Irons and are able to make an informed purchase decision.

TaylorMade is one of the most reputable companies when we talk about technology. The products they provide are always impressive without being excessive and preserving the traditional characteristics of their clubs, while also being innovative in the same at the same time.

This model of TaylorMade is successfully implemented in the M2 Irons as a result, we are getting highly advanced irons in terms of technology and yet retain the TaylorMade features. The most significant technological advancement is the lower center of gravity that is which is 33% smaller than M2 Irons of 2016. The low center of gravity is not only able to allow higher airflow and a better grip, but also allows for an improved Face Slot technology, missing in the M2 Irons from 2016.

The updated designs to get the low center of gravity may appear to be simple, but they are actually extremely advanced. TaylorMade did this by making the hose lighter and the face smaller and taller, and they also planned the ribs’ placement.

In the end, we have an iron set that is extremely accommodating while also being the longest in length.


We’ve spoken many times before about how tolerant these 2017 M2 Irons are. The thing that is truly impressive about these Irons is that they are very forgiving, without being heavy. When it comes to irons forgiveness can be accomplished through the expansion of the head to provide a greater moment of inertia (MOI). The M2 Iron’s head is quite compact.

What was the way that TaylorMade get to this amount of forgiveness? The answer lies in their clever application of technology. This Face Slot and Speed Pocket provides high ball speeds across the entire face which allows you to maintain good ball speed even when you make mistakes. A lower center of gravity can also result in a higher flight trajectory and gives players more time to hit the ball exactly where they want.


In terms of appearance, TaylorMade is also known as being among the top in the industry. Like their philosophy of technologies, TaylorMade’s clubs have modern and sleek but maintain their traditional designs. The 2016 version that came out of the TaylorMade M2 Iron Set was already a stunning set but they’ve been upgraded with the 2017 edition.

The M2 logo that has been changed from light green to yellow appears more modern and fresh and contributes to the updated look. A further significant modification is the new tour finish in chrome, which looks more attractive than the original black finish in 2016. Chrome finishes are also known to last longer compared to the raw ones, which means it’s not just about appearance all by itself.

Last but not least are the ribs in the back of the cavity. They appear to be placed in random order however, they are actually put in place to help stiffen the front. In the end, the attractive ribs can also assist in the sense of sound and touch.


The principle that drives the efficiency of distance is straightforward: make them increase ball speed and keep their center of gravity lower for an increased flight. While distance isn’t usually thought of as a crucial aspect in irons, it is more relevant in the case of game improvement irons, especially for beginners.

With the M2 Irons, the flight path is extremely high in comparison to the standard iron, made possible by having a slim center of gravity because of the extremely lightweight hosel with flutes, the thin and high face, as well as a low profile face. The speed of the ball is not only high, but it is also consistent all over the face. This is made possible by the speed pocket and the face slot, which allow the face to move more, making it easier for the player to play it on the grass.

Distance isn’t anything but control. M2 Irons give you excellent shot-stopping control that allows you to put the ball exactly where you’d like it to be.


Adjustability isn’t an especially significant feature for irons and wedges, though certain sets of irons do feature various forms of adjustability, such as the movable weights and adjustable hosel. There isn’t an adjustability feature that is available in this set of TaylorMade M2 Irons, and our personal opinion is that this isn’t a crucial feature. We did not give any points on this particular aspect as it will not be included in the final score.


The problem concerning cavity back irons is often they create dull, muted sounds. In earlier TaylorMade Irons featuring the Face Slot like the TaylorMade RSi 1, this problem is amplified. It is because the Face Slot allows the face to stretch more than it normally does and reduces the sound produced.

This issue is addressed in the TaylorMade 2017 M2 Irons with the brand new ribs that run across the cavity back starting from the bottom that runs from the highest line to the badge made of synthetic. At first glance, the ribs could appear scattered in a random order but they’re designed to enhance the feel and sound.

So, while the muted sound is evident, it’s not visible. M2 Irons from 2017 M2 Irons retain the TaylorMade signature sound, which is loud without being over the top.


In the case of irons, the feel is more extensive than other clubs because we’ll also have to take into consideration the transition between irons in the set. We will then discuss the change in the TaylorMade M2 Irons initially.

It has significantly improved since 2016. The 2016 version of M2 Irons. The change from non-slotted irons to slotted irons is evident in the 2016 model and is one of the main drawbacks. However, it’s not as visible in the 2017 M2 set. As you move up the set the head size and offset increase making them more comfortable to hit. This means that the 4-iron is a strong club, with its large face that is almost as if it were the hybrid.

Each of the irons feel really excellent. The hosel and the shaft are extremely light, and the large head is solid. The ribs that are well-placed on the back of the cavity give the face a stiffer feel, which improves the experience without sacrificing the performance of The Face Slot and Speed Pocket.


The TaylorMade M2 Iron Set offers an extremely stable and consistent overall performance. They’re really great in terms of the distance and forgiveness without losing any of the feeling and playability. For the majority of players, they’ll appreciate the smooth flight of the M2 2017 Irons. The speed may be greater than normal and may require some time to get used to. The distance that is delivered is greater than average, which means the same distance.

The graphite shaft and iron options are also compatible with the M2 heads which feel extremely light but sturdy. With the amount of forgiveness they provide you can get consistent performance from the TaylorMade M2 irons.

The level of forgiveness is exceptional, and one of the top models in the marketplace today. The speed reduction is extremely well-executed thanks to the brand new design and is mainly due to enhancements to the area of the toe and the outside of the face.

On The Driving Range

When it comes to driving there are two crucial factors for any club in terms of distance performance and design. It is the TaylorMade M2 Irons one of the most stylish irons on the market in the present. They feature a modern style, modern design with traditional features. They also feel and sound very well and are definitely a pleasure to look at and listen to.

The distance performance is also undeniable. They’re simply the longest irons available in the present, and the height, which is almost unusual to irons pleasing to the eye.


This TaylorMade M2 Iron Set is concentrated on the performance and effective use of the most recent technology.

Although it has an expensive price tag, however, it’s an excellent Iron Set for serious players who truly care about their game. If you are planning to play golf with a serious attitude over these next months you should consider the M2 Iron Set is definitely an option to consider.

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