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Get Best Health Insurance Available In India For Above 60

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Getting the best health insurance in India for those above the age of 60 can always be a tricky prospect. Hence it is recommended that every individual who wishes to avail a policy indulges in thorough research first. To pick the exemplary senior citizens’ health insurance, one must first calculate their total savings while considering their monthly income. Those who don’t earn sufficiently or those who lack a sizable savings, or those who are retired must especially try and get health insurance policies that cover them well enough to ensure that they get adequate and timely healthcare.

To get the best health insurance available in India for those above 60, it is vital to opt for a policy that allows those above 60 to purchase the policy and pay a reasonable premium at the same time. Keep in mind, as a person gets older, the insurance premium charged increases.

  • Whenever the health insurance of an individual above the age of 60 is the topic of discussion, aside from the expected high premium, one also expects a lower sum assured. To ensure that you are availing the best possible health insurance, ensure that you are getting a high sum assured. For this, one shall often have to turn towards private insurance companies instead of public insurance companies. More so, this higher amount shall also let you cover all medical emergencies with great ease.
  • To get India’s best health insurance policies for those above 60, you must pick an insurer after due comparison. To do so, try using various websites that assist you in picking the right policy. One such website is bajajfinserv.in where you can choose from different senior citizens’ health insurance options and ultimately pick the policy that offers you the most. You can opt for senior citizens health insurance
  • Picking the best health insurance for individuals above 60 doesn’t solely depend upon what the biggest insurers offer you. It involves a good deal of research on your part. You must try and hunt for every possible insurer and know their data very well. This includes claim to settlement ratios, policy terms and conditions, no claim bonuses, and much more.
  • Falling ill above the age of 60 is extremely common; in case the existing health cover gets exhausted, the policy that you choose must recharge the sum insured up to the base cover so that you do not have to worry about future diseases in that particular year. The adequate functioning of this feature in any policy indicates that it is indeed one of the best policies available for senior citizens.
  • No claim bonus is an essential aspect of any insurance policy. Oftentimes, those who purchase a health insurance policy above the age of 60 end up paying exorbitant premiums for one of the best policies available in the market. However, if one doesn’t fall ill in the duration for which the individual is insured, a good policy must then offer a good no claim bonus; oftentimes, the sum insured is increased by 1.5x or 2x while the premium for the policy remains the same. Some insurers even offer a reduced premium for specific policies.
  • Health insurance policies have a lot of fine print, and if the policy is for someone over the age of 60, paying high premiums would automatically lead one to have high expectations from the policy itself. If the policy is genuinely one of the best in India, then it must cover every hospitalization expense. The seamless coverage shall extend from nursing charges, ICU costs, private ward expenses, implants, and much more.
  • If you are unsure about the health insurance policy you are purchasing being the best one available in India, then you can always choose to look at the renewal terms and conditions. Most of the best policies in the country offer a flexible renewal option. Where the renewal can be done upto any age, and there is an option of free health checkup within one or two months of the policy’s renewal.
  • While many of the above salient features are part of every health insurance policy for those above the age of 60, one can truly gauge the best policies in the market by ensuring whether or not the policy covers organ donor expenses. At the tender ages that the policyholder is, there is a high chance that certain serious illnesses may force the policyholder to opt for an organ transplant. Knowing how expensive the entire procedure is, the best health insurance policies cover the expenses of finding a suitable organ donor and getting the transplant procedure done.

Ultimately, to get the best health insurance policy in India for those above 60, you shall need to undertake some research, pay a slightly higher premium, and read through pages of fine print, but much of the tediousness can be omitted by trusting Bajaj Finance for the best health insurance policy.



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